Flick 2 Dunk
Use your finger to throw the ball in the basket ! Are you good enough to fool the defense time and again and score ten times in a row ?
Fists Of Frenzy
The ninjas will come after you from all directions and you need perfect timing to fight them off . Once they are right next to you , there is a small moment in time to kick in the direction of an attacker to neutralise him , before he is able to stab you . From time to time you fall in a frenzy that clears off all enemies at once and gives you some badly needed time to tense up and concentrate . However , the more enemies you managed to defeat , the cooler character you are able to unlock and play with.
Treasure Miner
You just need to ram your hook into the ground and pull up whatever ores or gem you are able to grab within sixty seconds . To help you maximize your profit you can invest the points you've earned in helpful tools like a better hook , bombs to blow up the useless rocks in your way , some extra time or the ability to pull your hook back faster .
Tap The Black Tile
You have to tap the black tiles as they appear to play a world-famous melody . Some tiles can be tapped more than once while others are only there for a few seconds. Play fast but also play well because playing a single wrong note will end your game . So watch out and don’t tap the white tiles
Tower Match
In this game you have to stack up the floors and grow your building . More than everything, the game needs you to be precise, as you need to place one floor exactly on another , not only do you get heaps of coins for every perfectly placed block , but also does the game get faster and faster with every miss .
At mysterious locations you have to find the some things from a huge pile of stuff that is cluttering the space . While some of the things are easy to find you will run into problems from time to time to find everything . But worry not , you can always choose to use a magic hint that will get you back into the game in no time .

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