Fruita Swipe
Make chains out of three or more of the same colored fruits to collect them and clock up the points . Take your time and think about it carefully – the longer the chain you can make , the more points you'll get for that move .
Train Tycoon
Solve tricky puzzles and make the right trajectory to your own train in order to make sure that it can get to the goal without any crashes .
Happy Pairs
Connect same colors with as few moves as possible to make the blocks happy as pairs .
Mahjong Adventure
This sounds easy , but of course there is a problem : you can only choose from those tiles , that are free , which means that they have to lie on the edge of a row . In this adventure style game you guide the young sorceress through forty increasingly challenging levels that guarantee fun for hours and hours . If you manage to solve the puzzles fast as lightning you will be rewarded with up to three stars for each level .
This puzzle game where you drag blocks around the screen to fit them onto each other is simple at first , as you start with just a few blocks and a only few different arrangements being possible . But as the number of blocks increase it quickly becomes a real challenge .
Tic Tac Toe
Known as paper and school desk artworks children are used to play with it .

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