Circle Circus
In Circle Circus your avatar is rotating in different sized circles and all the control you have is a well timed click that will make him jump from the inside of the circle to the outside or vise versa . This way you can not only jump to another circle but also pick up treasures . On your way through the circles you can grab some valuable coins or sometimes even a bonus life . The coins can later be used to unlock new game characters and even to continue a game that is already lost .
RGB Trucker
This is a logic puzzle in which you have to deliver cargo with a truck that matches it's color to the appropriate factory . This may sound easy , but the thing is , that once a road is used by a truck , it can't be used by another .
Smove Paradise
Your character is placed on an area with 9 tiles , and all you have to do is to pick up the coins and the diamonds that are placed on the tiles. Oh , and you have to avoid by that red dots that inconveniently fly all over the place and you also need plan ahead on which tile to jump next .
Free The Ball
In this game your goal is to create a path for the ball to reach the goal by sliding blocks . Are you ready to take the challenge to solve each and every of these tricky levels ?
Griddlers Deluxe
Griddlers Deluxe is game where you have to color blocks to reveal pictures and patterns hidden in the grid . You should start every puzzle with coloring the blocks that are undoubtedly colored and then deduct the placement of other blocks.
Animals And Colors
Animals and Colors is a challenging game where you must pay attention and answer correctly as fast as you can.The game calls for you to match the animal, or even match the colors on screen.

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