Dak Dak Buffet
Help Dakdak win the contest by choosing an appropriate eating technique . Is it vegetable? Is it meat ? Or is it delicious dessert ? But be careful! Choosing a wrong technique will only waste your time .
Butterfly Kyodai
The objective of the game is remove all tokens from the board by connecting two matching tiles . Connections can be made either in straight lines or with up to two turns . These stages will get harder over time and tease your brain even more . The faster you manage to clear them , the higher your score will be .
Kitchen Star
With a single click you can rotate one of the layers that contain seemingly unconnected scribbles until they have a beautiful doodle . The fewer moves you need , the more stars you will earn for that level .
Hexa Fever 2
Hundreds of levels that reach from fairly easy to extremely hard provide you with brain teasing fun and entertainment and your reward will be higher the faster you complete a level . The levels don’t come with a time limit and you will have all the time in the world to move figures and to solve a puzzle .
Match Dash
Match Dash is a game that is based on a good sense for rhythm and great eye-hand coordination . The objective for the player is to tap or click on the screen when the rotating figure is exactly over its shape that is drawn on the canvas beneath.
Quiz Story - Animal
Animal Quiz Story is a game that tests your knowledge of the different creatures that can be found around the world . To make this game even harder , you have only limited time to find the right answer.

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